Woody Weed 

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Woody weeds are difficult to control in many pasture situations. Their persistent nature often means that total control cannot be achieved in a single herbicide application, and a programmed approach needs to be employed.

Achieving Long-term Control
Within your program or plan, it's recommended that you integrate options that include mechanical, herbicide and fire treatments. Grazing and pasture management are also vital elements to achieve long-term control of woody weeds.

Pyridine Residue Management
It is possible for some herbicides to end up in hay, silage, animal manure, compost used for soil amelioration, mushroom substrates, plant mulches and animal bedding. Through product stewardship, Dow AgroSciences strives to minimise the potential for herbicide residues in treated crops to transfer through to animals to composts and mulches. Read more (PDF 3MB) 

Management of Stock For Export
The Australian meat and livestock industry has a heavy reliance on export markets, hence, it must guarantee the integrity of its products and their compliance with export customer demands for acceptable chemical residues. When stock is to be slaughtered for export, there are obligations on graziers to comply with the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) program to ensure that agricultural and veterinary chemicals are used properly.

To help livestock farmers who wish to control unwanted brush and noxious weeds in pastures, Dow AgroSciences is providing information for GrazonExtra Herbicide to ensure you can plan appropriately and meet your NVD requirements. Read more (PDF 300KB) 


Select an option:



Selective control of a number of woody and noxious weeds

Garlon* 600

Target Weeds: Woody weeds and melons as specified. Further details of use can be found in the Direction of Use section on the Product Label.


Control of brigalow regrowth, Mimosa pigra and certain other problem woody weeds

Graslan* Aerial  
 Grazon* Extra

Control of a number of noxious woody and herbacious weeds


Control of climbing buckwheat and other broadleaf weeds in winter cereals and also cerain broadleaf weeds in pasture

 Lontrel* Advanced

Lontrel Advanced contains twice the active ingredient of Lontrel Herbicide. Control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in various cereal crops, pastures, fallow land, forests and industrial areas

Starane* Advanced

Control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in fallow, lucerne, maize, pastures, sorghum, sugar cane, winter cereals and some other crops. Also controls woody weeds

Tordon* 75-D

Control of a wide range of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds as a spot treatment

 Tordon RegrowthMaster

Tordon RegrowthMaster is used for the control of unwanted timber regrowth by stem injection or cut stump/brushcutter application and also control of blackberry, gorse and harrissia cactus by foliar spray treatment.

Tordon* Granules

Control of ragwort and various woody plants


Control of blackberry and gorse and forty one other weeds.

Application Videos

  • Introduction
  • Basal Bark
  • Cut Stump
  • Hand Application
  • High Volume Spraying
  • Stem Injection
  • Other Considerations

Additional information

pdf icon Woody Weed Control Guide (1.3 MB PDF)

Your complete guide to Woody Weed identification and control

pdf icon Woody Weed Reseller Tools (1 MB PDF) Access woody weed control resources
pdf icon What Spray Volume? (1 MB PDF) Management Strategies
pdf icon Basal Bark Spray (1 MB PDF) Gorden rules for basal bark spray and the four steps to success
pdf icon Grazon Extra and generics (200 KB PDF) Grazon Extra contains 8g/L aminopyralid, 100g/L picloram and 300g/L triclopyr. Generic picloram triclopyr formulations do not contain aminopyralid. It is a powerful new active ingredient that's four times more powerful than picloram. This is equivalent to increasing the power of the picloram by 32%, which means better control for your money.

Weed Control Sheets

pdf icon African Boxthorn Weed Control Sheet(330 KB PDF) pdf icon Bathurst Burr Weed Control Sheet(400 KB PDF) pdf icon Blackberry Weed Control Sheet(423 KB PDF)
pdf icon Broom Weed Control Sheet(400 KB PDF) pdf icon Cacti Weed Control Sheet(460 KB PDF) pdf icon Camphor Laurel Weed Control Sheet(270 KB PDF)
pdf icon Gorse Weed Control Sheet(342 KB PDF) pdf icon Eucalypt Weed Control Sheet(400 KB PDF) pdf icon Fireweed Weed Control Sheet(400 KB PDF)
pdf icon Lantana Weed Control Sheet(330 KB PDF) pdf icon Lantana control with Hotshot*(498 KB PDF) pdf icon Lime Bush Weed Control Sheet(800 KB PDF)
pdf icon Manuka Weed Control Sheet(440 KB PDF) pdf icon Mimosa Weed Control Sheet(238 KB PDF) pdf icon Mother of Millions Weed Control Sheet(257 KB PDF)
pdf icon Parkinsonia Weed Control Sheet(96 KB PDF) pdf icon Prickle Bush Weed Control Sheet(350 KB PDF) pdf icon Prickly Acacia Weed Control Sheet(423 KB PDF)
pdf icon Ragwort Weed Control Sheet(280 KB PDF) pdf icon Silver-Leaf Nightshade Weed Control Sheet(350 KB PDF) pdf icon St Johns Wort Weed Control Sheet(260 KB PDF)
pdf icon Swamp Box and Brush Box Weed Control Sheet(400 KB PDF) pdf icon Sweet Briar Weed Control Sheet(360 KB PDF) pdf icon Wattle Regrowth Weed Control Sheet(260 KB PDF)