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Access Herbicide contains the active ingredients Triclopyr and Picloram, which have activity on a range of broadleaf weeds. Access is classified as a Group I Herbicide, with a mode of action where the weed cannot grow due to disruption of plant cell growth.

Access is registered for selective control of a wide range of woody and noxious weeds in commercial and industrial areas, public lands, fence lines and pastures, by basal bark and cut stump applications.

A new technique to apply Access + diesel has recently been approved for use called ThinLineTM application. The same equipment is used for both techniques – the difference is the height of the stem that needs to be treated and the dilution rate.

Trial 104003CL - Comparison of the amount of Access and diesel used and time taken to treat pretty wattle (Acacia decora) stems (2.5 cm diameter)
 ThinLine application 


Labels and SDS:
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Other Product-Related Literature:
pdf icon ThinLineTM application technique (3MB PDF)
pdf icon Woody Weed Control Guide (1.3MB PDF)

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