Garlon* 600 and Garlon* FallowMaster Herbicide

Garlon 600Garlon FallowMaster


Garlon 600 and Garlon FallowMaster Herbicides contain the active ingredient Triclopyr, which has activity on a wide range of broadleaf weeds. Garlon is classified as a Group I Herbicide, with a mode of action where the weed cannot grow due to disruption of plant cell growth. Triclopyr belongs to the Pyridines chemical group.

Garlon FallowMaster is the natural evolution of Garlon Herbicide and signifies a radical development in formulation chemistry, with a new patented emulsification package. This breakthrough has taken years of research and development, resulting in the highest active ingredient (AI) loading in the most superior delivery package.

Garlon FallowMaster

Improvements with Garlon* FallowMaster*

- Faster uptake by key weeds
- Faster brownout of weeds
- Improved emulsification package
- Improved compatibility with a wider range of partner herbicides
- Enhanced environmental profile


To achieve the absolute best weed control when using Garlon FallowMaster this summer choose your adjuvant system wisely. The best weed control can be achieved by using Garlon FallowMaster with Uptake Spraying Oil. If there is a broader weed spectrum and glyphosate use is required, the most effective system is a high quality non-ionic wetter and AMS.

Our research has proven that the combinations mentioned above will result in the most efficacious treatment. We do not support use with other adjuvants, nor will it provide you with optimum weed control.

Keep these tips in mind when managing drift:
1. Use larger nozzles and/or AI nozzles
2. Use higher water rates
3. Lower boom height when possibleā€

Labels and SDS:
pdf icon Product Label (119KB PDF)
pdf icon Material Safety Datasheet (194KB PDF)
Other Product-Related Literature:
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pdf icon Garlon FallowMaster and Starane Advanced - Plantback to Winter Crops (1MB PDF)
pdf icon Garlon FallowMaster - Adjuvant Technical Advice (1.2MB PDF)
pdf icon Garlon FallowMaster - Western Australia Technical Sheet (2.3MB PDF)

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