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Grazon Extra Herbicide contains the active ingredients Triclopyr, Picloram and Aminopyralid, which have activity on a range of broadleaf weeds. Grazon Extra Herbicide is classified as a Group I Herbicide, with a mode of action where the weed cannot grow due to disruption of plant cell growth.

Grazon Extra is registered for control of a range of environmental and noxious woody and herbaceous weeds as specified. Once applied, Grazon Extra moves quickly to the tips of growing shoots and roots where the active ingredient disrupts plant growth. The rapid "brown-out" shows where you've been helping to ensure full coverage — without losing a season to control weeds. Further details of use can be found in the Direction of Use section on the Product Label.

Grazon Extra unites the proven combination of picloram and triclopyr from the original Grazon*DS with the highly active new aminopyralid molecule from Dow AgroSciences. On "hard to kill" blackberry (stressed and treated with a herbicide) chosen to test the toughest herbicides, Grazon Extra easily outperformed metsulfuron + glyphosate and even the old Grazon DS which will be replaced by Grazon Extra.

Labels and SDS:
pdf icon Product Label (193KB PDF)
pdf icon Material Safety Datasheet (68KB PDF)
Other Product-Related Literature:
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pdf icon Grazon Extra Vs the Generics - Blackberry Control (200KB PDF)
pdf icon Grazon Extra VS the Generics - by Ross Watson (1.2MB PDF)

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