Systhane* 400WP Fungicide

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Active Ingredient: myclobutanil
Fungicide Group: Group 3
Crops: Apples, Pears, Strawberries
Formulation: 400g/kg wettable powder
Packaging: 10 x 60g water soluble sachets in 600g box
Target Diseases: Black spot, Powdery mildew

Product Features
Protectant and curative activity - provides outstanding disease control in all weather conditions

  • Safe to beneficial insects and mites - ideally suited for use in IPM programmes
  • Registered and used around the world on pomefruit - may be used on apples and pears grown for export markets
  • Powder formulation in water soluble sachets - safe to fruit and foliage; compatible with common pomefruit fungicides and insecticides; convenient to use with no pre-measuring required

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Labels and SDS:
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pdf icon Material Safety Datasheet (581KB PDF)
Other Product-Related Literature:
pdf icon Are your strawberries the cream of the crop? (775KB PDF)

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