Maverick™ IIl hebicide is an effective non-serviced glyphosate option for weed management as a pre-seed burndown, chemfallow and pre or post harvest application. It provides excellent non-selective weed control at a budget price. Low cost, effective weed control.

Application Information

Crops: Pre-seed applications, post-harvest applications, chemfallow, pasture renovation. Pre-harvest applications in wheat, barley, oats, canola, flax, peas, lentils, dry beans, soybeans, and forages

Tank Mixes: See product Label for details on tank mixes

Weeds Controlled and Suppressed: Annual grass weeds, annual broadleaf weeds, volunteer crops (except Roundup Ready varieties), winter annual weeds, perennial grasses/sedges, perennial broadleaf weeds

pdf icon Maverick™ III Label (399KB PDF)
pdf icon Maverick™ III Label - Francais (483KB PDF)
Safety Data Sheets:
pdf icon Maverick™ III MSDS (67KB PDF)
pdf icon Maverick™ III MSDS - Francais (75KB PDF)

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