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Product Description
Grazon™ Herbicide Grazon improves grass production through the removal of a wide range of competitive broadleaf weeds.
Kerb™SC Kerb™ SC is for use in Horticulture, used for weed control in lettuce and strawberries. It is also registered on numerous additional crops.
Reclaim™ Herbicide Reclaim™ will increase grass production by providing extended control of buckbrush, wild rose, shrubby cinquefoil, wolf willow, and control of broadleaf weeds and invasive plants in rangeland and permanent pasture.
Restore™ Herbicide Restore™ is a systemic, post emergence, broadleaf herbicide designed for the management of invasive species and broad-spectrum, broadleaf weed control in rangeland and permanent grass pastures.
Restore™II Herbicide Restore™II is the next generation of invasive weed management in rangeland and permanent pastures. Restore II is co-formulated, providing the same trusted control as Restore with improved ease of use.
Tordon™ 22K Herbicide Tordon™ 22K enhances grass production and provides the only effective solution to deep-rooted, hard-to-control broadleaf weeds.