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There are many career path options in a company the size of Dow AgroSciences, from Finance, Human Resources, Law, Operations/Manufacturing, to a support role as an Administrative Assistant or Database Administrator.

Candidate Profiles

To be successful in any of these functional areas, individuals need to master a variety of personal and professional skills. They need to have:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Energy and innovation to help fuel our continued growth
  • Integrity of the highest standards
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Ability to focus on priorities and value-added tasks

Career Paths

Here's a look at the various opportunities available:

Finance – Financial professionals at Dow AgroSciences use financial information to influence strategic courses of action by working closely with key decision makers as part of the global business team.

Assignments are in accounting, capital planning, legal and management reporting, business analysis, cash management, domestic and international taxes and credit management. These sub-functions collaborate to develop future managers and executives by rotating employees through several challenging assignments. This enables a broad understanding of the company by exposing employees to vital aspects of the company's global business units.

Human Resources (HR) – Many companies say they want their HR function to achieve a role of "having a seat at the business table," but at Dow AgroSciences, this is already a reality. We work as a strategic member of the company's management team, as change agents, in effectively managing organizational talent. We also develop, support and provide stewardship to the people processes that enhance personal development and make a unique contribution to the success of Dow AgroSciences.

You can have an action-oriented, fast paced assignment in a variety of areas including Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Compensation & Benefits, Workforce Planning, Diversity & Occupational Health.

A large percentage of our HR professionals come from cross-functional assignments while another large percentage are hired with the specific expertise needed. We believe this mix helps us keep an edge on knowing and satisfying our employees needs. Careers within HR are a great choice for a rewarding career path.

Law – The responsibilities of Law professionals at Dow AgroSciences are based upon specific internal client groups and centers of expertise – commercial law, litigation, corporate law, employment law, patents and trademarks, regulatory law, and environmental law. They directly perform a broad range of legal services for Dow AgroSciences' clients, but also manage outside counsel and work to provide the company with high-quality and cost-effective legal services worldwide.

Operations/Manufacturing – The Operations area is responsible for the profitable management of production and supply requirements. Professionals in this area tackle the challenge of managing the entire integrated supply chain, from raw materials through intermediates to final products, including packaging and delivery.

Positions in Operations typically involve: managing supplier relationships, supply chain planning or order fulfillment; managing the conversion of raw materials to finished products; or implementing formulations and packaging technology.

Many assignments are global in scope. Our manufacturing sites are growing rapidly due to many acquisitions in recent years as well as the introduction of new, technically unique products. We are looking for people who can anticipate change and help us create plans of action to capitalize on it.

Degrees Hired

We hire a mix of new college graduates and experienced professionals with A.A., B.S., M.S., J.D., and Paralegal degrees from the following disciplines:

Finance – Accounting, Finance, Business Administration

Human Resources – Human Resources, Business, Industrial Psychology, Organizational Development and Design, Labor & Industrial Relations

Legal – We accept applications from lawyers with at least 2 years of practicing experience and degreed Paralegals.

Operations/Manufacturing – Engineering, Science, Materials Management, or related technical areas.

Administrative Assistants – We hire candidates with high school or associate's degrees in a secretarial or business related area or equivalent experience.

Site Operations – We hire skilled employees with backgrounds in skilled mechanical and electrical crafts including heating/air conditioning/ventilation, boiler operators, welders, pipe fitters and plumbers.

Other – A variety of administrative assistant, database administration, customer service and site operations positions are available on a location-by-location basis.