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The unique culture at Dow AgroSciences has evolved naturally from our people and from the everyday practice of our core values. The talents and leadership abilities of our people are our greatest resource. Therefore, we strive to hire highly qualified individuals who have the ability to develop original solutions and the passion to make a difference – and then we help them in that quest.

We are committed to developing and utilizing the unique talents of all of our employees globally. Synergizing the differences of our employees is what will help us achieve the highest level of creativity in solving our customer's needs. Therefore, we encourage every employee to look at work situations from a fresh perspective and offer ideas for new approaches or solutions.

Survey feedback tells us that our employees feel we have several strengths in our culture including our ability to focus on an objective and "get the job done." They feel our commitment to people and organizational issues is outstanding. They feel we have a culture that allows them to have ownership in their future…a culture that supports total engagement and passion…a learning culture.

We also know that in order to be the most productive employee you can be that you need a healthy balance between your professional life and time for family and friends. What contributes to a person's "quality of life" is always a matter of perspective, but we feel the broad array of programs we offer in this area will definitely help you achieve this balance.

We also feel it is our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and therefore enrich the lives of our employees, their families and our neighbors in the local communities where we do business globally through focused philanthropic giving of money, assets and time.