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In addition to our formal training opportunities, Dow AgroSciences also supports informal networking opportunities to further the development and leadership abilities of its people.

African American Employee Network

Our African American Employee Network (AAEN) helps in the recruitment, mentoring and retention of our African American employees. The group meets monthly to learn more about the company, to hear top leadership speak at Lunch-n-Learns, to learn more about career opportunities in their areas, to discuss their own successes and failures, and sometimes just to have lunch and share with fellow employees.

Asian Diversity Network

Our Asian Diversity Network (ADN) vision elements include providing individual growth and support to their members, helping management in supporting Diversity initiatives and helping the general population better understand the Asian culture. The Network sponsors a Lunch-n-Learn series designed to foster interaction between employees and leaders at all levels and promotes personal effectiveness and development of employees.

Gays, Lesbians and Allies at Dow AgroSciences Network

The Gays, Lesbians and Allies at Dow AgroSciences Network (GLAD) vision is to foster a safe, inclusive, supportive and open working environment for all employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. This group is very active in activities within Dow AgroSciences and the community.

Hispanic Latin Network

Our Hispanic Latin Network (HLN) contributes to the business success of Dow AgroSciences through education, support and collaboration leveraging the value of the Hispanic Latin Culture. The network provides DAS Hispanic-Latin employees the opportunity to leverage resources and knowledge with other internal and external networks in order to enhance and impact growth and business success.

Women's Innovation Network

The women's Innovation Network (WIN) vision is to have all DAS employees recognize and use women's differences and strengths to drive success. DAS WIN will champion cultural change to enable DAS women to maximize their individual professional contributions.