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If you decided to dine out every night for your evening meal, it would take you almost 4 years to hit every restaurant in town! That many choices will satisfy even the pickiest appetite. It doesn't matter if you're in the mood for Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Thai, Mexican, Greek, Ethiopian, Indian, Italian, Russian or Mongolian. Indianapolis has them all. Following are just a few of the multitude of choices in the Indianapolis area.

Steakhouses If you're a steak aficionado, there are plenty of great options such as:

Brew Pubs Relax in one of our many brew pubs and enjoy a pint of Indy ale along with your dinner:

Homestyle Cooking A little homesick for mom's cooking? Visit these family-style restaurants for comfort food:

Upscale If you're looking for something more upscale, there are award winning and gourmet restaurants with just the right atmosphere for that special celebration:

Unique Dining Experiences If you're bored with the ordinary, we also have some unique eating experiences:

Fairs and Festival Indianapolis people love to mix their love of eating with cultural festivals. You'll find endless opportunities from summer through fall including the Indiana State Fair, home of the land's best pork chops and other fair staples such as corn on the cob and elephant ears. A few of these fairs and festivals are: