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Everybody likes to feel good about their jobs because they feel they are making a difference in the world, but earning enough money to provide a comfortable living for ourselves and our families is also a high priority. At Dow AgroSciences, we help you accomplish this goal several ways.


At Dow AgroSciences, you are rewarded with very competitive pay based on job requirements and your performance relative to your peers. We pay more to our top performers than other leading companies. Your monthly base salary, however, is just the start of your total compensation.

Annual Bonuses

Eligible employees participate in our annual company bonus plan. This plan links employee pay to company and personal performance. It's our way of showing that when the company does well, Dow AgroSciences people benefit, too, as our employees are the ones who made the performance possible in the first place.

We also have a sales incentive plan in place in several countries for eligible employees within the sales force. The plan, which replaces the corporate bonus plan, has a higher emphasis on individual contribution. This variable pay plan has a very positive effect on the morale of and results from our sales people.


We also offer rewards in the form of:

  • A recognition program
  • An employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Stock Options
  • Professional accomplishment recognition (e.g. promotions, product patents)