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Just as each day is different, so are the personal needs of each Dow AgroSciences employee. Everyone has unique benefit needs that are shaped by a variety of factors - your age, income, marital status, and dependents. The factors are as individual as you. We have therefore uniquely designed our benefits programs to recognize that your benefits needs are personal to you and your family. Our program gives you control over the design of your program and the ability to change your benefits coverage as events in your life change.

Medical Care Program

The Dow Medical Care Program is designed to assist you with your medical expenses and to help shelter you from financial disaster resulting from a serious injury or illness. Dow covers a large portion of the cost to provide medical care coverage for you and your eligible dependents. While the program will not cover all of your medical costs, it will share in the cost of medical care and treatment for you and your eligible dependents.

  • A choice among several self-insured Dow medical plan options and, depending on where you live, a variety of health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
  • Coverage for hospitalization, surgery, mental health/substance abuse treatment, well baby care and other services
  • Prescription drug coverage, including a convenient mail service option

Dental Assistance Program

The Dow Dental Assistance Plan provides dental coverage for you and your eligible family members upon enrollment. Dow also shares in the cost of this dental coverage.

  • A choice among several dental options and, depending on where you live, a dental maintenance organization (DMO)
  • Coverage for diagnostic and preventative services, i.e., periodic oral exams, x-rays and simple teeth cleanings
  • Coverage for basic restorative, major restorative and orthodontic care

Paid Medical Leave

When you are unable to work because of an illness or injury, you may be paid for the time you are absent from work, for up to six months.

Long-Term Disability Coverage

In the event of a long-term disability preventing you from working, Dow AgroSciences provides qualified applicants with two disability coverage options. The first option is a continuation of 50% of your base salary, provided at no cost to you. The second option is a continuation of 66 2/3% of your base salary, for which you pay an additional amount based on your age and covered base salary. The LTD plan applies a six-month waiting period, which coordinates with the six months of paid medical leave.

Health Care Reimbursement Accounts

The Health Care Reimbursement Account enables you to be reimbursed for expenses not covered by your elected medical and dental coverages using before-tax dollars. Eligible expenses include your annual deductible and co-payments, vision care, hearing care, as well as a comprehensive list of other items. You may contribute up to $5,000 a year to pay for these expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Employee Health Services

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners staff our on-site Occupational Health Clinic at our Indianapolis headquarters. Our employees may receive limited treatment for personal medical problems generally defined as minor, episodic medical conditions that are not expected to require follow-up. We feel these services pay for themselves by reducing time away from work and stress for our employees. We also offer employees routine health screening exams and a variety of health and wellness education programs.

Please keep in mind...

  • This information is intended only as an overview for quick reference purposes. Many details and provisions of the various plans and policies have been omitted. If there are discrepancies between this information and the plan documents, summary plan descriptions, certificates of insurance, or other official documents, such documents shall govern.
  • Availability of some plans and programs and benefits coverages may differ for certain bargained-for groups.
  • The Dow Chemical Company reserves the right to amend, modify and terminate any plan, program or policy at any time, at its sole discretion.