Dow Agrosciences in the Community

Matt Cahill, Nick Willey, Tara Willey

Matt Cahill, R&D Leader Dow AgroSciences ANZ,
Nick Willey, Wheat Breeder Dow AgroSciences ANZ,
Tara Willey, Technical Assistant Dow AgroSciences

By 2050, world food production must support an estimated 9 billion people. The growing world needs ongoing innovations in crop production technology. We are committed to developing sustainable agricultural solutions that make farming more profitable and productive.

We embrace corporate citizenship by responding to the unique needs of the communities where our employees live and work. We support educational institutions, programming, and community activities that nurture the development of tomorrow's scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians.

Our agriculture sector faces some major challenges including an ageing workforce and a shortage of young people entering the sector. We will need new technologies to grow more from less land, with fewer hands (FAO, 2013).

From sponsoring local sporting events to working with other organisations to attract a new generation of young people into careers in agriculture, the industry's future relies on maintaining close links with community.

Dow AgroSciences proudly supports Career Harvest, an initiative of Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture. Career Harvest is a hub for the most cutting-edge careers within the food and fibre industries. Whether you’re interested in feeding the world, adapting to climate change, developing the environment or managing future energy sources, this site helps create clearer pathways for you to harvest your agricultural career. Choose a career that ignites leadership. Choose a career that feeds the world. Choose a career in Food and Fibre. It’s your global opportunity.

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