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Forage Brassicas

In order to produce healthy profitable livestock it is imperative to meet their nutritional requirements year-round. At those times of year when

pasture quantity and quality is low this can be difficult to achieve.

During these times forage brassicas can provide a low cost food source for livestock.

• Forage brassicas can provide quick and abundant feed, with high digestibility, energy, and protein.

• The crude protein content of brassica leaves ranges from 15%-25% and that of turnips and swede bulbs from 9%-16%.

• Forage brassicas can produce excellent livestock weight gains, for example 150-250 g/hd/day for lambs and 0.8-1.2 kg/hd/day for growing cattle are common.

In addition to providing a cheap means of nutrition for livestock, forage brassicas can also form a useful part of a pasture improvement program.They provide a ‘break’ in the cycle for weeds and disease leaving paddocks in ideal condition for pasture or sowing. Brassica crops also contain biofumigants which can inhibit the growth ofdisease-producing organisms and reduce the incidence of nematodes.

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