Woody Weeds

Woody weeds are difficult to control in many pasture situations. Their persistent nature often means that total control cannot be achieved in a single herbicide application, and a programmed approach needs to be employed.

Achieving Long-term Control

Within your program or plan, it's recommended that you integrate options that include mechanical, herbicide and fire treatments. Grazing and pasture management are also vital elements to achieve long-term control of woody weeds.

Pyridine Residue Management

It is possible for some herbicides to end up in hay, silage, animal manure, compost used for soil amelioration, mushroom substrates, plant mulches and animal bedding. Through product stewardship, Dow AgroSciences strives to minimise the potential for herbicide residues in treated crops to transfer through to animals to composts and mulches. Read more (PDF 3MB)

Management of Stock For Export

The Australian meat and livestock industry has a heavy reliance on export markets, hence, it must guarantee the integrity of its products and their compliance with export customer demands for acceptable chemical residues. When stock is to be slaughtered for export, there are obligations on graziers to comply with the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) program to ensure that agricultural and veterinary chemicals are used properly.

To help livestock farmers who wish to control unwanted brush and noxious weeds in pastures, Dow AgroSciences is providing information for Grazon™ Extra Herbicide to ensure you can plan appropriately and meet your NVD requirements. Read more (PDF 300KB)


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