Dow AgroSciences Launches New Paradigm Arylex Active Herbicide

Dow Agrosciences is proud to officially launch its newly registered cereal product Paradigm™ Arylex™ Active Herbicide.  Using the newly developed Arylex™ compound, Paradigm is a flexible, low dose, wide spectrum solution for the control of broadleaf weeds in an easy to use formulation that can be applied across all winter cereal crops, and tank mixed with many other cereal inputs, simplifying applications and saving time. 

Paradigm has been developed for post emergent use in wheat, barley, triticale and oats to control brassica weeds, fumitory, deadnettle, Mexican poppy, the hard to manage bifora and a wide range of other broadleaf weeds.  Paradigm is a true all-rounder solution, with an emphasis on spectrum, compatibility and flexibility and, although these qualities alone are not ground breaking, combined in the one drum, this offers an excellent solution to in-crop weed management. 

“Paradigm is a truly impressive product, brought to fruition through many years of research and development by Dow Agrosciences”, said Mr Dan Dixon, Dow AgroSciences Cereals Marketing Manager. “There are only a few true research and development companies that are searching for and discovering novel chemistry, and once found a molecule can take more than 15 years of development to bring a product to market.  So when a new product finally leaps this last hurdle and gives growers a new weed control solution, it’s a big deal.” he added.

Paradigm has been developed with the time-poor farmer firmly in mind, with easy tank clean-out, no need to change mixes between cereal species, all formulated in a low dose granule, allowing for smaller packs, easy handling, mixing, storage and disposal.

Paradigm is highly selective to the crop and breaks down very quickly, with active ingredients in Paradigm (Arylex™ and Florasulam™) rapidly metabolised in the crop and the soil without causing any residue or carryover issues.  It is also broadly compatible with other agricultural chemicals and is extremely flexible in terms of application timing with a wide application window, ideally being applied early in the season on small weeds but also suiting later application out to full flag leaf emergence crops. 

Paradigm has also been extensively tested across Australia with research trials for several years, and a wide demonstration program with both farmers and agronomists last season.  Across these trials the feedback on Paradigm has been overwhelmingly positive, with feedback such as “Excellent weed control in the paddock” (agronomist NSW) and “Host client very happy with the lack of crop effect compared to historical results with the comparison treatment” (agronomist SA) being repeated regularly.

Paradigm is now available from your local reseller agent. To further broaden Paradigm’s extensive weed spectrum, Dow Agrosciences recommends mixing with LVE 600 MCPA and using Uptake™ Spraying Oil to maximise performance.