New Scholarship Breeds Star Student


University student Albert Gorman has been named the inaugural recipient of a new scholarship that awards a 12 week placement with Dow AgroSciences, as well as $10,000. The scholarship is a new initiative between Charles Sturt University and Dow AgroSciences that aims to mentor and prepare university students for a dynamic career in the world of agriculture.

Albert has recently completed the first six weeks of his placement at the Dow AgroSciences’ field research station in Breeza NSW, where he assisted in planning, packing and planting wheat breeding trials, and spent time visiting rural resellers to experience the business heart of the industry. During this time, Albert has gained practical experience that he otherwise wouldn’t have learned in the classroom. 

“I’m a hands on learner, so it has been really beneficial for me to see what’s required to bring out new wheat varieties and take them to market,” says Albert.  “My classroom studies are quite theoretical and we’re not exposed to the systematic and holistic processes that are required for things to work in a commercial sense. It’s been an eye opener for me to get this practical experience.” 

“On the farm we work with data on a regular basis to plan our operations, and what’s been really exciting for me with this placement was to see the tests and trials where some of this data is generated,” explains Albert.

Albert’s interest in the agricultural sector dates back to an early age. Growing up on property in Euston and graduating from Yanco Agricultural High School, Albert has worked in his family’s cereal, horticultural and livestock based enterprise for many years, and is currently in his final year studying agricultural science at Charles Sturt University. During Albert’s time at Breeza, he worked as part of the Dow AgroScience’s Northern Wheat Breeding team, led by Nicholas Willey. 

“Scholarships such as this are important as they allow university students to experience the research and commercial aspect of the seeds industry in Australia, gain valuable insight into the industry and focus their early career directions,” says Nick.  

“When entering the workforce – especially in a technical field like agricultural science – it’s important for university students to have practical experience. “It’s encouraging to see bright students like Albert, who are so enthusiastic about learning and progressing our industry.” After graduating in December, Albert hopes to secure a career in an agronomic related field.

“Working with Dow AgroSciences will definitely give me good exposure to the industry, it will arm me with practical experience, and provide a good grounding in R&D to help further my career.” To gain maximum exposure to all facets of the industry, Albert will continue his 12 week placement by spending time at Dow AgroSciences research facilities in Horsham, VIC and Clare, SA in June and July.