Conserve On-Farm – Success Stories Outline Confidence

With preparations for harvest under way in cereal growing regions across eastern Australia, growers want to know the best options to protect their grain from insects whilst in storage. The feedback to date is that Conserve On-Farm Grain Protectant is exceeding expectations. Conserve On-Farm protects cereal grains from all major insect pests for up to nine months, including the resistant lesser grain borer. When used as directed, Conserve On-Farm has no withholding period (WHP), providing ultimate flexibility for growers who are storing to feed or trade grain, or are looking to protect planting seed.

As Mr Bill Murray (AM), now retired chair of the National Working Party on Grain Protection, explains “many insect strains are resistant to most of the protectants currently in use. It is essential to introduce new grain protectants, particularly from a new chemical group.  The introduction of Conserve is a major milestone, and it’s use will make a real difference in our ability to safely store grains in the postharvest sector.” Mr Ray Haigh, Trangie NSW, cannot agree more:  “November 2013 we treated our barley with Conserve and twelve months later we’ve still got barley that hasn’t got any weevils in it, not even a sign”. 

Mr Arnold Hall, Swan Hill Vic, reports “We’ve got a grain shed that has always been problematic.  Last harvest we used Conserve On-Farm. We’ve just started pulling grain out of it in August and it’s clean.  I’m very impressed with the chemical.  It worked well.”

Conserve On-Farm is only available for use by grain growers storing grain grown on the property where it will be stored. To purchase, they must present an NGR card and complete an End User Declaration. This declaration ensures growers understand the conditions of use and that they provide a commodity vendor declaration (CVD) to future owners of the grain listing the use of spinosad (one of the active ingredients of Conserve On-Farm). This notice ensures that spinosad is applied only once during the lifetime of any parcel of grain and that established maximum residue limits (MRL’s) are not exceeded. 

When applying Conserve On-Farm, it is important to ensure that 1 L of dilute mix is applied per tonee of grain as it is being augered into clean silos. Detailed calibration and application instructions are available in the Conserve On-Farm Technical Manual and on our website As Mr Hall states “As far as using it goes, it’s quite good, it’s easy to mix and it worked!”

Mr Marcus Campbell, Merriwa NSW, reports “We used Conserve on wheat last season. In March this year, I found there were weevils in absolutely everything. The weevils that were in the Conserve silo were dead and the weevils that were in all of the other ones were all alive.  For me that was a win - it was 11 months since we treated it and it’s still clean.  So, I’m really happy with it. We will be using Conserve On-Farm on everything this season. I’ve been really impressed with it. It is a great product.”

Mr Michael Marchant, Bribbaree NSW, had a similar experience: “We had an old silo, with grain treated with Conserve On-Farm two years ago.  We had a leak in that silo, and it was like a pyramid where the leak was. The weevils were concentrated in that leak. I’ve been emptying it out for stock feed and it was interesting that Conserve had held the weevils in that area, they hadn’t spread through the silo. I’m happy. It’s a no-brainer I think. It’s the best thing I’ve seen for a long time.”

Conserve On-Farm is available through accredited reseller agents.  To become accredited you must attend a training course and successfully complete the Conserve On-Farm e-learning module. For more information regarding Conserve On-Farm,  please go to