Keeping Fallow Fields Clean

A clean fallow paddock at Breeza, NSW.

After a successful launch into the fallow and winter cereal market this year, Stinger Herbicide is impressing agronomists across the northern cropping region. Local territory manager Emma Twine says that “Stinger was widely used in summer fallows to control those more difficult to control weeds like vetch and offered an ideal tank mix partner with glyphosate to control volunteer chickpeas and fababeans after the 2014 harvest. Several consultants in my area have commented on the excellent knockdown when chasing volunteer legumes, bindweed, pigweed, thistles and other weeds, and the residual provided by the aminopyralid component was keeping the fallows a lot cleaner through Autumn leading up to planting the winter cereal crop.”

Further north and Territory Manager Kevin Melmeth explains that “Stinger has found a great fit in the fallow and winter cereal market, but due to plantback concerns of the metsulfuron component to Sorghum, many growers were turning to FallowBoss Tordon to keep their fallow land clean. Having three strong active ingredients including aminopyralid, FallowBoss gave quick brownout and extended residual control of many fallow weeds last summer. It has been particularly excellent at controlling fleabane on The Darling Downs.”

Both Stinger and FallowBoss require some rotational management planning to ensure a tolerant crop is grown in that paddock after application. Advisors are well aware of this and see the residual control offered by either the metsulfuron and/or aminopyralid components as being key benefits of the products. “Growers want to keep their paddocks clean for as long possible to retain the soil moisture and nutrients for the following crop” Says Ms Twine, “Stinger and FallowBoss are excellent products to choose this coming summer fallow season to be able to achieve this.”

Both products are widely compatible with other fallow inputs allowing growers and their consultants the flexibility to create a tank mix that suits their situation.