Dow AgroSciences Launches New High Protein Canola Meal

San Diego, March 1, 2016 — As producers look for new, innovative and cost-efficient nutrition options for their poultry and swine, Dow AgroSciences is meeting the need with a new advanced canola meal. At the Canola Council of Canada’s 49th Annual Convention, Dow AgroSciences introduced ProPound, a cost-effective replacement for soybean meal in poultry and swine diets.

ProPound was developed through years of research and conventional plant breeding to maximize the protein content and minimize the fiber content from conventional canola. This process led to the creation of an advanced canola that offers protein content of about 44 percent, comparable to soybean meal. ProPound also has fiber levels that are significantly lower than conventional canola meal and higher levels of metabolizable, digestible and net energy content and phosphorus over conventional canola meal.  Currently, canola meal is not widely adopted by poultry and swine producers.  The improved quality profile and nutrition benefits of ProPound will significantly increase the inclusion rate potential in monogastric animal diets. 

“ProPound, with the higher protein and lower fiber content, gives swine and poultry producers a new, cost-effective alternative to soybean meal, without sacrificing animal performance,” says David Dzisiak, Commercial Leader for Grains & Oils at Dow AgroSciences. “It really offers immediate cost savings by reducing swine and poultry feed rations for producers.”

ProPound will be available to animal producers in the fall on a limited basis with production expansion starting in 2017.

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