Wet Harvest Sees DS Pascal Shine

John Anderson, Landmark Marrar with Brendan Pattison (farmer) in the paddock with Lancer on the left at 6.5 T/ha and DS Pascal on the right at 7.8T/ha.
Agronomists and farmers in southern NSW, who trialled DS Pascal in 2016 have been rewarded with outstanding wheat harvests. DS Pascal, from Dow Seeds, is characterised as a high yielding, early sowing variety with market-leading pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) tolerance. With a wet harvest in many areas this year, these combined factors saw DS Pascal perform exceptionally well.

John Anderson, Landmark agronomist from Marrar explained: “I went to the Hart Bros pre-season field day about 12 months ago and saw some figures of trial work done on DS Pascal from the harvest before, and it really stood out in the early sowing trial. I followed up with Dow Seeds to get some seed for a few growers around Wagga to see how it would perform locally.

We put it in the paddock with Lancer, and DS Pascal jumped out of the ground and got going. Then Lancer caught up to it, and as we got to harvest it looked as if it were neck-and-neck in yield. Once we got the header in the paddock, DS Pascal just smashed Lancer. DS Pascal in the south Wagga trial (15 ha) was 1-1.2 t/ha better than Lancer, the north Wagga trial (26 ha) was 1.3 t/ha better. I had a quick look at the yield maps and you can actually see in the paddock where DS Pascal was compared to Lancer. DS Pascal averaged 7.8t/ha in dryland conditions, so it performed really well.

We did a falling number test on the southern site: DS Pascal was over 500 and Lancer was low 400, so the sprouting tolerance that is on the DS Pascal technote is pretty much to the word. A few blokes are having trouble with falling numbers this season, especially after that rain in spring. DS Pascal came back really well. 
Craig Rodham, John Anderson’s farmer south of Wagga, reported: “We sowed DS Pascal on one side of the paddock and Lancer on the other. It was a wheat-on-wheat paddock, so it did it tough all year. As the season progressed you could see a colour difference between the varieties, but it was nothing obvious. Even walking through the crop the week before harvest there was nothing that stood out. It wasn’t until we got the header in there that we saw the difference. Lancer did 4.8 and DS Pascal did 6 t/ha. You wouldn’t have been able to pick it. It was only the yield monitor that illustrated it to us. It was a very surprising result. The other thing that I noticed; black point was our biggest problem this year, and DS Pascal had less black point than Lancer.  

John Pattison, John Anderson’s farmer north of Wagga, had a similar experience. “DS Pascal is pretty exciting actually; phenomenal. We are very, very pleased with it, we plan to grow some more. A lot of farmers at the moment are looking at genetics of sprouting tolerance, I know more so than yesteryear. It was an issue for some with the late harvest and Christmas rains. We’re pretty excited about the genetics Dow Seeds have.  

Independent trials from Irrigated Cropping Council performed in Kerang Vic, demonstrated a consistent result in that area as well. The trials were pre-irrigated, sown May 5th, irrigated again Oct 18th. DS Pascal delivered 9.49 t/ha, within the same yield group as Trojan, Scepter, Beckom and Adagio. “DS Pascal has certainly excelled this season, as many varieties have given the plentiful moisture. What has been pleasing to see across the board is DS Pascal’s exceptional yield along with PHS tolerance that it can uniquely provide” summarised Ant Mitchell, Dow Seeds Wheat Development Manager.