Time to Toast that Marshmallow

Paradigm + 350 LVE + Uptake – “Paradigm herbicide with Arylex active +350 mL LVE 600 MCPA + Uptake, 28 days after application on marshmallow.”
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Rexade 100g 5WAA – “Rexade herbicide with Arylex active, 5 weeks after application on marshmallow.”

Marshmallow, also known as small-flowered mallow, is a problem weed in many cropping regions of Australia. It is commonly left uncontrolled in non-crop areas such as roadsides, yards, buildings and watercourses, and grows in every soil type. Given suitable conditions, marshmallow has been found to germinate any time of the year after rain. It is a particular problem as it grows rapidly and shifts to reproductive phase quickly; within only a few centimetres of growth in ideal conditions.

The plant is difficult to control when well-established or under stress, as can be the case over summer and autumn, sometimes leading to plants surviving through pre-emergent spray programmes and re-appearing in the crop. Even when the above ground parts of the plant have been removed its immense taproot supports rapid regeneration in improved conditions. Herbicide options that eliminate the entire plant are the best option for control. In-crop control of marshmallow is essential to ensure maximum crop establishment, vigour and yield. Timing is critical: small, actively growing plants will be most susceptible and good control of seedlings can generally be expected. Older plants recovering from grazing or a previous herbicide treatment, despite being within the size range specified, may not be well controlled. With the development of the Arylex™ active family of herbicides from Dow AgroSciences there are several options now available.

Paradigm™ Herbicide with Arylex active controls marshmallow up to 4 leaf, or 10 cm diameter. Within this size range, internal trials have shown control of up to 98%. Where larger or stressed plants occur, tank-mixes with Starane™ Advanced are recommended. Agronomists who have used Paradigm for marshmallow control have reported: I was “very surprised by the level of control of the marshmallow, it really twisted it up” (South Australia); “some of the marshmallow was getting some size about it but the Paradigm plus Tordon™ did a good job” (northern NSW).

Rexade™ herbicide with Arylex active is expected to be launched next month. It is a dual active ingredient product, containing both Arylex and pyroxsulam. Rexade in mixtures with LVE 600 MCPA will provide suppression of marshmallow.

Despite only having a claim of suppression, agronomists who trialled Rexade last season have provided very positive feedback. Cody Stewart from Victoria reported: “I was pretty impressed with the marshmallow control. It took down some relatively big marshmallow. I’m talking 6-8 leaf. It did have some LVE and some Lontrel™ in it, so the LVE may have helped a bit. Going back I can only find any marshmallow where the chemical had some misses. So I was pretty impressed with that.” Tom Cullen, Coonamble NSW also advised: “We got good results with the broadleaf weeds; it did a really good job on marshmallow.”

Cereal Business Manager, Dan Dixon, added: “Dow AgroSciences now have a great range of solutions for marshmallow control in many market segments. From GoalTender™ spikes with the knockdown spray, Broadstrike™ mixes in pastures, ForageMax™ with Arylex active in grazing brassicas and the Arylex active cereal range mentioned above. Growers now have a lot of options to tidy up their farms and toast their marshmallow problems.”