Field Day Season is Upon Us


Tailoring new solutions to meet the needs of Australian growers is a key focus for Dow AgroSciences. There are many new advancements coming in the near future for both the crop protection and the Dow Seeds sides of the business. These will be on display during the field days held across the country during spring.

Dow Seeds wheat breeding research centre at the Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre (TAIC) was on show at the FarmLink Open Day on September 1, featuring already released cultivars DS Pascal, DS Faraday and DS Darwin. DS Pascal has been in long and early season NVTs in southern NSW and Victoria for several years now, being one of only a few milling class varieties to have done so. When sown early in high and medium rainfall zones, plus under irrigation, it yields exceptionally well. DS Pascal also has market-leading pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) tolerance, robust disease and grain package, and exhibits excellent standability and harvestability.

DS Faraday, an awned, spring wheat, released in 2017, also exhibits high levels of PHS tolerance. It combines a solid yield package, Australian Prime Hard (APH) quality in the north, triple rust resistance and a wide planting window, making it suitable for most winter cropping programs. DS Faraday would be an excellent replacement for EGA Gregory for growers wishing to grow an APH cultivar with tolerance to sprouting at harvest.

DS Darwin is well known with growers appreciating its wide sowing window and apparent flexibility to go with the seasonal conditions. DS Darwin exhibits very few screenings losses, plus has exceptional harvestability that has made it a favourite for those who have chosen it now for several seasons.

Two exciting new lines that are in their second year of NVT were also on display. ADV09.0444 has a target APH classification and is a mid-maturity spring wheat, similar to Suntop. Yield data from 2016 NVT was strong for ADV09.0444; it has a solid disease package and fairly short, neat canopy height.

The new winter, white-grained, awn-less milling wheat ADV11.9419 has driven a lot of interest and discussion during 2016 trial walks. It is ideal for early sowing from March until early May. ADV11.9419 has shown extremely high yields with long grazing potential and a strong disease package.

There are also two new Dow Seeds lines in NVT this season for this region. ADV08.0008 is another winter, white-grained, awnless wheat offering with maturity slightly faster than EGA Wedgetail. ADV09.0463 is a long season spring wheat, with maturity slightly longer than Lancer.

Following on from the FarmLink Open Day was the Field Walk at Breeza Research Station on September 5th. Showcasing many of the Dow Seeds varieties mentioned above, it also included trials of Dow AgroSciences’ latest crop protection chemistry, showcasing the Arylex active products such as Paradigm™ herbicide, Rexade™ herbicide and the soon-to-be registered Pixxaro™ herbicide. Visitors were shown through many trials, including what not to do with these new products! Similar days at Elmore, Victoria, and at Halbury Research Station in South Australia, are to follow. With a similar offering to the Breeza Field Walk, these days will reflect local usage patterns and areas of interest.

“As far as agronomists and consultants are concerned ‘seeing is believing’ and that has to happen in your own patch so you can see how a product will perform under the conditions that you operate in” explained Dow AgroSciences Development Manager Mr Chris Love. “We take this seriously at Dow AgroSciences and plan a field walk at our research centres each year. This is in addition to the multitude of distribution and farmer trials that we do, as well as the NVT screenings for our Dow Seeds business. We encourage all agronomists and consultants to get to as many of these as possible to enable them to make the best decisions for their growers next season.”

Contact your local Dow AgroSciences Territory Manager for more information on these days.