Use Vigilant for Incidental Weed Control

The old adage that ‘one year’s seed is seven year’s weed’ is true for most weeds, and a vast understatement for others: a mature gorse infestation can produce 6 million seeds per hectare each year, and seeds may remain viable in the soil for up to 30 years. Controlling weeds is therefore an imperative and must be at the forefront of every farmer and agronomists’ mind. When in the paddock, we recommend keeping Vigilant™ II Herbicide on hand at all times. Vigilant controls just about everything, comes in a small bottle and doesn’t require mixing or protective equipment.
 “Vigilant II is ideal” expressed Dow AgroSciences’ Business Manager Bryce Sturgess. “It is an incredibly powerful herbicide that is easy to use. There is no need for any measuring or mixing. You don’t even have to wear gloves to use it. Keep it in the pocket of your ute door, keep it in the back pocket of your jeans: whenever you’re about in the paddock, have it at arm’s length so you can put on a blob on any weed you pass; we call it incidental weed control!”

 The benefits of incidental exercise have been widely publicised. Park at the end of the car park so you have to walk to the store. Climb the stairs, don’t take the lift. Every extra step contributes to your daily fitness. The same is true of weed control. Incidental weed control is as simple as leaning out of the car door for 30 seconds when you see a weed to apply some Vigilant II to it. Depending on the weed, it will slowly die over the next few weeks to months, without leaving any residual plant material behind that may re-shoot.

 “Another benefit of Vigilant II is that it can be used all year round. Its effectiveness may decrease slightly in colder months and cooler climates but Vigilant II will still deliver a high level of control under adverse conditions with careful application” explained Mr Sturgess.

 The Vigilant II label identifies control of various woody weeds (such as gorse, privet and willows), herbaceous weeds (such as Paterson’s curse, docks, marshmallow and thistles) as well as rhizomatous weeds (such as agapanthus and lillies). However, Vigilant II is known to control more than 49 weeds ranging from African boxthorn to wild tobacco tree; some long-term users profess “it kills everything”. The Vigilant ‘blob’ will be effective for most plants, although woody weeds will require a quick ‘scrape and paste’ or ‘cut stump’ technique. Please refer to the label for details.

Vigilant™ II Herbicide has been a breakthrough in regard to user and environmental safety. It is available in an easy to manage 240 mL bottle that can be refilled from a 5 L container via a handy pump. It is formulated as a gel which is applied as a paste directly from the pack; no mixing, no dripping, no exposure. In fact the label requires no personal protective equipment, not even gloves, though it’s always a good idea nonetheless. With this degree of simplicity of use and efficacy, some farmers and Councils are now only carrying Vigilant II.

“Preventing weeds from dispersing seeds should be a daily consideration. Using Vigilant II for incidental weed management every day will make a sizeable leap towards eradication of many species on your property” summised Mr Sturgess.”