Smoke Your Marshmallow In 2018 with Pixxaro™

Pixxaro™, the latest Arylex™ herbicide from Dow AgroSciences, combines the new active ingredient Arylex with fluroxypyr, the active ingredient in Starane™ Advanced herbicide. This combination makes it the product of choice for advisors tackling issues with marshmallow, thistles (e.g. milk/sow thistle, prickly lettuce) and volunteer legumes. It was recently registered for control of broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, oats, triticale and durum.

The label lists in-crop control of bedstraw, burr medic, climbing buckwheat, deadnettle, flax-leaf fleabane, fumitory, Mexican poppy, milk thistle, poppy, prickly lettuce, small-flowered mallow and subclover across a wide window of application, from Z13 to Z39.

“Pixxaro is an alternative to group B broadleaf herbicide chemistries with greater selectivity to wheat, barley, oats and durum” advised Dow AgroSciences market manager Dan Dixon.

Pixxaro can also be tank-mixed with a wide range of other agricultural inputs, including Crusader™ GoDri™ herbicide, Hotshot™ herbicide, Lontrel™ Advanced herbicide, Lontrel™ 750 SG herbicide, LVE 600 MCPA herbicide, PropiMax™ fungicide, Rexade™ herbicide, Starane™ Advanced herbicide, Stinger™ herbicide, Transform™ WG insectcide, Axial® herbicide (wild oats only), Prosaro® fungicide, glyphosate (450 g/L IPA) herbicide, metsulfuron-methyl herbicide and Rutec® Zn. “The ability to tank-mix a broadspectrum broadleaf herbicide with grass herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and zinc provides incredible time and cost saving benefits to growers who may struggle to perform operations at the right time due to competing demands” added Mr Dixon.

Pixxaro also has a registration for use in fallow in mixtures with glyphosate and ammonium sulphate. With a better spectrum to Starane Advanced in fallow, Arylex active gives Pixxaro extra power on key weeds such as deadnettle, poppies, thistles and volunteer legumes.

Pixxaro has short plantback periods to both summer and winter cereals and canola and is rainfast in 1 hour. It has a premier proprietary solvent package; it does not contain any petroleum distillates, which results in a non-volatile formulation with low odour and an exceptional toxicological package. As an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) is it easy to pour, measure, mix and dilute. The 20 L pack will treat 33-100 ha, depending on rate used.

“Pixxaro has a great fit, particularly in cropping areas with hard-to-kill weeds, such as marshmallow. Its ability to also be used in fallow this summer adds flexibility of use often not available in this segment” summarised Mr Dixon.

Pixxaro will be available for use early in 2018.