Corteva Agriscience™ soon to be a reality

In February this year the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont™ announced the name of the intended company once it is spun-off, which is expected to happen by June 1, 2019. The Agriculture Division will be called Corteva Agriscience™. The Materials Science Division will be called Dow, and will retain the Dow diamond as its brand, building on the company’s globally recognized 121-year history of innovation and value creation. The Specialty Products Division will be the new DuPont, carrying forward a 215-year legacy of science-based innovation.

Corteva Agriscience (pronounced the same as ‘forever’) is derived from a combination of words meaning “heart” and “nature”; it speaks to growth (rooted in our positioning of ‘growing progress’), but also conveys innovation and change. The name reflects our purpose of enriching the lives of those who produce and consume; it is centered on improving the lives of farmers, rethinking the connections in the agricultural ecosystem that naturally supports people, progress and the planet. Everything about the brand, in particular, is focused on human and earth connection—from the insight behind the brand name to the logo and colors, and the overarching brand pillars.

“It’s a truly exciting time, to be part of the beginning of something new,” said Rob Kaan, ANZ Managing Director, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. “Corteva Agriscience is bringing together three businesses, all of whom have had extensive histories and success in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Uniting the people, their experience, expertise and passion for agriculture, along with the resources now available with this merger, will allow Corteva Agriscience to integrate better with farmers and the broader industry; to find new paths forward for our food and fibre chains.”

Corteva Agriscience ( brings together the strengths of DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection and Dow AgroSciences. Together, we are in a superior position to invest in research; harnessing our agronomic knowledge and combined science capabilities to build innovative products, services and techniques that will transform crop performance and quality, to support our customers’ business goals and help them thrive. We understand the basic importance of agriculture to economic growth and development of society and we are focused on working with the entire agricultural system to produce a more secure supply of healthy food and fibre.

Corteva Agriscience will be headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with the Crop Protection Business unit based in Indianapolis, Indiana and the Seed Business Unit based in Des Moines Iowa. While some product names may change when Dow, DuPont and Corteva Agriscience separate in 2019, most products will continue to be sold under their current, widely-known brand names.

“We will continue to invest in some of the most recognized and premium brands in agriculture: Pioneer®, Zorvec Enicade® fungicide, Transform™ insecticide with Isoclast™ active and Paradigm™ herbicide with Arylex™ active, while bringing new products to market through our solid pipeline of active chemistry and technologies,” said Mr Kaan.

“The formation of this new company allows us to review and refresh our country strategies, and focus our energy to where our capabilities and resources intersect to best serve our customers. Mergers, such as this, provide a very important ‘change’ opportunity; to stop doing activities that are no longer relevant, and increase focus to areas of the business that are valuable to our customers and to our shareholders. Aligning our global resources to local issues, and testing new concepts in local areas will always be the core of our approach, to ensure we are meeting the needs of farmers and moving agriculture in a positive direction,” advised Mr Kaan.

DowDuPont will support the new brand name through a series of recognition events between now and the time the division becomes an independent company. “This merger is large and complex and it will take some time to cement processes in place for our customers, as well as phase out signage and bring the new name and its branding to the market. We appreciate the ongoing support from our staff and customers in this process and assure you that we are doing our best to minimize any disruption while we move towards the June 2019 spin date” said Mr Kaan.

Part of our strategy to simplify processes for our customers includes our alignment with Agribusiness Inventory Management System (AIMS) which will be initiated in the next few months. This will allow for more accurate stocking levels, automatic population of fill-up requests, stock count facilities and less administrative handling for store staff. In the meantime, it’s still business as usual.

Behind the scenes there has been a lot of work on internal processes and most importantly, the development of the Corteva Agriscience team for Australian and New Zealand. Rob Kaan will be managing director of Corteva Agriscience, ANZ. Richard Chambers will lead the ANZ seed business activities; Tom Lamond will lead the ANZ regulatory team; and, Tom Loveless will lead the ANZ integrated field sciences (R&D) team. Kirsty Ebert will head the Australian sales team supported by Andrew Cossar (southern), Bryce Sturgess (northern) and Linda Viviers (western); Peter Holden will lead the New Zealand sales team. The marketing team will consist of Dan Dixon (broadacre), Glen Surgenor (NZ), Nick Koch (horticulture/cotton) and Alex Wiggs (woody weeds/commodity). Alexis Middleton will head up a newly created Commercial Effectiveness team that incorporates customer liaison, digital strategy and customer service.

The commercial effectiveness team, sales team and field scientists will be composed of the existing DuPont Crop Protection team and Dow AgroSciences team, with some realignment to better execute the new company’s strategy. The combined strength of our fruit and vegetable portfolio and the opportunities we see in these segments supports the naming of Chris Brown into the new role of Australian Horticulture Market Development Manager. Some new faces will also be welcomed, with the appointment of Jack Madgwick to north-west NSW and Kate Daly in north Queensland.

“We are in the final stages of completing the ANZ organizational chart and I’m feeling very confident, looking at the names and knowing the caliber of the people that will be bringing Corteva Agriscience alive in Australia and New Zealand. We have such a breadth and depth of expertise in our team, comprising of an ideal mix of experienced old hands, as well as recent graduates.”

“Moving forward as a dedicated agricultural company will ensure our entire focus will be on growing better food and fibre with the communities within which we live. I find that empowering and exciting and cannot wait to be wearing my first Corteva Agriscience shirt!” added Mr Kaan.