Garlon™ FallowMaster

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Garlon FallowMaster herbicide is a significant development in formulation chemistry, with a new patented emulsification package. This breakthrough has taken years of research and development, resulting in the highest active ingredient (AI) loading in the most superior delivery package.


Active ingredient: 755 g/L triclopyr (present at the butoxyethyl ester)

Mode of action: Plant cell growth disruption

Formulation: EC

Herbicide group: I

Packaging: 5 L, 10 L, 20 L and 100 L packs (1000 L packs made to order)


  • Fallow
  • Sorghum

Target Weeds

  • Camel/Afghan melon
  • Prickly paddy melon (see label for full details)

Product Features

  • Faster uptake by key weeds.
  • Faster brownout of weeds.
  • Improved emulsification package.
  • Improved compatibility with a wider range of partner herbicides.
  • Enhanced environmental profile.

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