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GoalTender 480 SC herbicide is a broad-spectrum herbicide possessing both contact (post-emergence) and residual (pre-emergence) activity. GoalTender is most commonly used as a glyphosate 'spike' in fallow and most effective against annual broadleaf weeds but will also control annual grasses.


Active ingredient: 480 g/L oxyfluorfen

Mode of action: Contact herbicide

Formulation: SC

Herbicide group: G

Packaging: 5 L and 10 L


  • Fallow

Target Weeds

When applied as a "spike" to knockdown herbicides, GoalTender will improve efficacy on a range of key broadleaf weeds and grasses including:

  • Annual (stinging) nettles
  • Barley grass
  • Marshmallow
  • Paterson's curse
  • Storksbill

(see label for full details)

Product Features

  • Enhances activity of glyphosate formulations – improves weed spectrum and speed of kill.
  • Excellent control of ‘hard to kill’ weeds: annual nettles, barley grass, Paterson’s curse, marshmallow and storksbill.
  • Binds tightly to soil – will not leach to groundwater.
  • Low use rates mean that a 10 L drum can treat up to 267 hectares.