Paradigm™ with Arylex™ active

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Paradigm is the first product in Australia to contain the new active ingredient Arylex. Arylex is the first active ingredient in the new mode of action sub-group called Arylpicolinates.

Paradigm is a highly selective herbicide that can be used from 3 leaf to full flag emergence in winter cereals for postemergent control of annual broadleaf weeds. Paradigm offers growers wide spectrum weed control, flexible crop timing application and high tank mix compatibility, in an easy to use formulation that does not cause crop injury and is easy to clean out of the boom sprayer.


Active ingredient: 200 g/kg Arylex active and 200 g/kg florasulam

Mode of action: Plant cell growth disruption (arylpicolinate) and ALS inhibitor

Formulation: WDG

Herbicide group: I + B

Packaging: 400 g and 1.6 kg bottles


  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Triticale

Target Weeds

  • Deadnettle
  • Fumitory
  • Mexican poppy
  • Small-flowered mallow
  • Subterranean clover
(See label for full details)

Product Features

  • Broad spectrum broadleaf weed control (brassicas, fumitory, thistles, legumes, poppies, deadnettle and many more).
  • Highly compatible with other ag-chem products including grass herbicides, fungicides and trace elements.
  • A brand new Chemical subclass for controlling many weeds that are often not adequately controlled by current options (e.g. bifora, deadnettle, fumitory, Mexican poppy and others).