Rexade™ with Arylex™ active


Rexade is a selective herbicide for post-emergent control of grass and broadleaf weeds in triticale and wheat (excluding durum varieties). Rexade has comparatively short plant back periods and controls grasses resistant to group A mode of action chemistries.


  • Active ingredient: 50 g/kg Arylex active and 150 g/kg pyroxsulam
  • Mode of action: Plant cell growth disruption (arylpicolinate) and ALS inhibitor
  • Formulation: WDG GoDRI™ RDT™ (Rapid Dispersion Technology)
  • Herbicide group: I + B herbicides
  • Packaging: 2 Kg


  • Wheat (excluding durum varieties)
  • Triticale

Target Weeds

Brome grass, phalaris and wild oats, annual ryegrass, barley grass and silver grass, turnip weed and wild radish, volunteer legumes, milk thistle, deadnettle, fleabane (seedling), fumitory and climbing buckwheat (with Hotshot).

Product Features

  • One pass cross-spectrum weed control
  • Broad compatibility with other agricultural inputs
  • Short plant-back period
  • Flexible application timing from GS13 to GS31
  • Easy to measure and mix