Statesman™ 720

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Statesman 720 herbicide is a non-volatile formulation containing 720 g/L 2,4-D amine for the control of broadleaf weeds in fallow, winter cereal crops, pastures, sugarcane, peanuts and non-agricultural areas.


Active ingredient: 720 g/L 2,4-D (present as the dimethylethanolamine salt and the dimethylamine salt)

Mode of action: Plant cell growth disruption

Formulation: SL

Herbicide group: I

Packaging: 20 L, 100 L and 1000 L packs


  • Cereal crops
  • pastures
  • sugarcane
  • peanuts
  • non-agricultural areas

Target Weeds

A wide range of broadleaf weeds including

  • Amaranthus
  • Apple of sodom
  • Bathurst burr
  • California burr
  • Cape tulip
  • Capeweed
  • Caltrop
  • Wire weed
  • Mexican poppy
  • Paterson's curse
  • Various thistles
  • Volunteer legumes

(see label for full details)

Product Features

  • A 720 g AI/L 2,4-D, the highest active ingredient loading currently available.
  • Registered for use in-crop, fallow and pasture situations, providing great flexibility of use.
  • Compatible with all IPA salt glyphosates plus a wide range of other tank-mix partners.
  • Stable in cold water/low temperatures and hard water.