Tordon™ RegrowthMaster

Tordon Regrowth Master
Tordon RegrowthMaster is an updated management tool to assist graziers in thinning regrowth to improve productivity of grazing enterprises and assist with native forest management.


  • Active ingredient: 200 g/L triclopyr, 100 g/L picloram and 25 g/L aminopyralid.
  • Mode of action: Disruption of plant cell growth.
  • Formulation: SL
  • Herbicide group: I
  • Packaging: 5 L and 10 L


  • Agricultural non-crop areas
  • Commercial and industrial areas
  • Forests
  • Pastures
  • Rights-of-way

Target Weeds

  • Acacia spp.
  • Angophora spp.
  • Casuarina spp.
  • Camphor laurel
  • Corymbia spp.
  • Eucalyptus spp.
  • Melaleuca spp.


  • Tordon RegrowthMaster is used for the control of unwanted timber regrowth by stem injection or cut stump/brushcutter application and also control of blackberry, gorse and harrissia cactus by foliar spray treatment.
  • Tordon RegrowthMaster delivers much better control of wattle regrowth than the old Tordon Double Strength Herbicide with significantly less root suckering in species where that is common.

How does it work?

  • Tordon RegrowthMaster contains three active ingredients which belong to the pyridine group (Group I herbicides). The product has the disrupters of plant cell growth mode of action (auxin inhibiters).
  • Defoliation of regrowth may take several weeks depending on growth conditions at time of application and final results can take 18 months. Similarly, the speed and level of grass response depends on the seed bank and rainfall following treatment.