Conserve™ On-Farm

Conserve On Farm

Conserve On-Farm has three active ingredients to control all major insect pests of stored grain, including the resistant lesser grain borer (LGB). Providing six to nine months of control and with a nil withholding period (WHP), Conserve On-Farm maximises grain marketing flexibility.


Active ingredient: 500 g/l chlorpyrifos-methyl, 30 g/l s-methoprene and 120 g/l spinosad

Mode of action: Acetylcholinesterase (Ache) inhibitor, juvenile hormone mimic and nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist.

Formulation: EC

Insecticide group: 5, 1B and 7A

Packaging: A twin-pack consists of 1x5 L of Part A and 2x1 L of Part B.


All cereal grains except:

  • maize
  • malting barley
  • rice (and PRF grain)

Target Pests

  • Lesser grain borer
  • rice weevil
  • flat grain beetle
  • granary weevil
  • rust-red flour beetle
  • confused flour beetle
  • saw-toothed grain beetle
  • tropical warehouse moth
  • maize weevil

Product Features

  • 6-9 months control of lesser grain borer.
  • No resistance in target pests.
  • Ideal base product as part of a mode of action rotation program.