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eNtrench nitrogen stabiliser keeps more nitrogen in the soil unleashing the potential of your crop during key growth stages – improving plant health, optimising quality and maximising yield.


Active ingredient: 200 g/L nitrapyrin

Mode of action: eNtrench is a nitrification inhibitor for use with nitrogen based fertilisers. Nitrification inhibitors reduce the bacterial conversion of ammonium nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen.

Formulation: CS

Packaging: 10 L

Crops and Uses

Crops: A variety of crops (see label for full details).

Uses: To be effective eNtrench must be applied with the nitrogen fertiliser.

Product Features

Yield responses in trial work carried out so far around Australia in the 2011 and 2012 seasons have ranged from 0-33%, with median increases of 3-6% and protein levels have improved by greater than one percentage point.