What is Biotechnology Stewardship?

Product stewardship is the responsible and ethical management of a biotechnology product from its discovery or development through to its ultimate use. From discovery and development of a product to its delivery and use in the market, Dow AgroSciences promotes good stewardship practices every step of the way.

Biotechnology Product Lifecycle

Before a biotechnology product can be field-tested or introduced into the market, approvals by appropriate governmental agencies are required. Using the criteria established by these agencies, Dow AgroSciences conducts extensive, validated tests for our biotechnology products.  All research is conducted in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

For peer-reviewed, published studies on the benefits and safety of biotechnology, visit CropLife International 's database . Dow AgroSciences is committed to bringing new biotechnology products to the marketplace in a responsible manner. As a member of both the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and CropLife International (CLI), Dow AgroSciences  supports BIO's Product Launch Stewardship Policy  and CLI's Product Launch Stewardship Guidance 

Dow AgroSciences participates in business organizations and associations globally to promote the safe research and development, production, distribution, and use of biotechnology products. Dow AgroSciences supports the implementation of stewardship best practices as broadly as possible throughout the industry and value chain.