Through education and innovation, Dow AgroSciences Canada is committed to improving the livelihoods of food consumers and producers while preserving precious environmental resources for future generations.  We collaborate with various groups and organizations to ensure agriculture is a vibrant industry in Canada, enabled to meet the needs of our growing world.

Our funding support is focused on three Key Giving Pillars:


Agriculture: Education, Leadership & Innovation

While the number of farms and farm operators in Canada have declined over the past two decades, agriculture and the agri-food industry contributes over $100 billion annually to Canada’s gross domestic product. Less than 2% of the population comes from an agricultural background. Continual education, leadership, and innovation are fundamental to communicate the significance of farming, its impact on our economy and build for the successful future that agriculture promises.

We support:


Sustainability: Sustainable practices, Social License, Safety

With the global population expected to reach 9 billion in the next few decades, agriculture will need to become more productive and more sustainable in order to keep pace with rapidly increasing demands.

We support:

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Community Success

Dow AgroSciences fosters and supports programming that targets the development of agriculture and sustainable practices locally, in the communities where we work.