Science and Innovation

Dow AgroSciences is working to address the challenges of the growing world through innovation.

We are redefining weed control in cereals with new herbicides Paradigm™ and Pixxaro™, both with Arylex™ active GO benefits. Arylex active products have the ability to move in the plant and be effective even under stressful conditions, setting them apart from other broadleaf herbicides. The flexibility and performance consistency of these two new products will help growers with both time and risk management.

Dow AgroSciences’ most recent formulation innovations include GoDRI™ Rapid Dispersion Technology (RDT)Prestige™ XL and Enlist Duo™ with Colex-D™ technology. We look for every opportunity to improve the grower experience with both new and mature products.

Our newest innovation in insecticides, Closer™ and TwinGuard™, feature Isoclast Active, a novel class of insecticides with a unique mode of action for fast and effective control of sap-feeding insect pests, resulting in improved flexibility and peace of mind in IPM programs.

Crop production isn't limited to crop protection. It includes fertility and seed, and so does Dow AgroSciences commitment to innovation. Recently, we brought N-Serve™ and eNtrench™, two proven nitrogen stabilizers, to Canadian growers. Our breeders are developing top-yielding Nexera canola varieties as well as new shorter season soybeans. Nexera™ canola and Dow Seeds™ brands showcase the results of the ongoing development of our corn, soybean, wheat and canola breeding, and our commitment to industry leading seed innovations.