Get ahead for spring

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Get ahead for spring

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Don’t wait for winter annual weeds to take over. Hit them with PrePass™ XC in the fall before they have a chance to compete with your crop for valuable nutrients. See the results for yourself in this video.
Why these growers fall apply

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A fall application of PrePass XC has many benefits – superior control of winter annuals, a head start on spring’s work, and the ability to seed earlier into clean fields in spring. We asked growers on Twitter why they choose to spray PrePass XC in the fall and why they love it.

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Are you going to give yourself a head start on spring this year?

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With the busy workload and variable weather that usually comes with spring, you’ll be thanking yourself for getting one important job off your plate in the fall. Do you want to get your pre-seed spraying done after harvest this year? Let us know and we’ll send you a reminder email with more information when the time comes.
Take advantage of fall PrePass XC savings

Tim Horton's Coffee

Fall applied PrePass XC delivers clean, weed-free fields for 21 days the following spring. Purchase PrePass XC this fall and save an additional 50¢ per acre. See your retailer to purchase today.

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