Nitrogen loss is real (and costs you money)

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Nitrogen loss is real (and costs you money)

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Think your nitrogen loss isn’t cause for concern? Think again.

Without a nitrogen stabilizer you lose nitrogen and yield potential. Losses by denitrification, often called greenhouse gas emissions, and leaching can cost you over half of your nitrogen investment. By using a nitrogen stabilizer to protect your nitrogen in the root zone for when the plant needs it can give you over an 8% increase in yields.*

Learn more about the down side of losing nitrogen and the up side of protecting it with N-Serve™ or eNtrench™.
Maximize your nitrogen ROI

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Applying nitrogen in the fall with a nitrogen stabilizer makes good sense, it:

Allows you to take advantage of typically low fall fertilizer prices and store it on farm, in the ground
Helps you get ahead of your spring seeding and work load
Increases your nitrogen retention by over 20%*
Increases yield potential by over 8%*

Learn more about the advantages of nitrogen stabilizers from this Grainews article on protecting fall applied nitrogen to improve efficiency.

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