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Thank you for your support

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At Dow AgroSciences, we are honored by the unremitting support of our growers. This year, because of you, Simplicity™ was applied on more wheat acres than any other wild oat herbicide product in Western Canada. We continually work hard to meet your needs and deliver products that help you produce crops you can be proud of, and you have shown us that hard work pays off. From everyone at Dow AgroSciences, thank you.
Restoring hope through agriculture


On March 3, 2016, General Manager of Dow Seeds, Jeff Loessin traveled to Ethiopia to observe the efforts of the Canadian FoodGrains Bank. Over the course of six days, the group completed 11 field visits to learn how programs led by the Canadian FoodGrains Bank are helping to increase food security in Ethiopian communities and restore hope through agriculture.

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