Protect your nitrogen this fall to increase efficiency next spring

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Protect your nitrogen this fall to increase efficiency next spring


If you’re considering applying fall nitrogen, you need to consider nitrogen stabilizers. Nitrogen stabilizers like N-Serve™ and eNtrench™ protect your fall applied nitrogen by keeping more of it in the positive ammonium form, in the root zone, until your crop needs it next spring. Nitrogen stabilizers also help you increase your time and input efficiencies. Grainews talked to one farmer who incorporated nitrogen stabilizers into his crop management plan. Learn how fall applying fertilizer with a nitrogen stabilizer has benefited his farming operations.
Still have a few questions about N-Serve or eNtrench?

Nitrogen Stabilizers

Considering nitrogen stabilizers to protect your fall applied nitrogen but still have some questions about how they work? We asked Jason Smith, Market Development Specialist with Dow AgroSciences, to answer some of the most common questions about nitrogen stabilizers – click below to watch.
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Fall Offer

There’s never been a better time to invest in N-Serve nitrogen stabilizer. Dow AgroSciences is offering 16 bags of Nexera™ hybrid seed FREE to the first 70 growers who purchase a Raven Sidekick™ and at least one tote of N-Serve. This offer is only available to the first 70 growers and only a few spots remain. Act quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on 16 bags of FREE Nexera hybrid seed. Plus, you are also eligible to save up to $10,000 (or 70%) back on the cost of your Raven Sidekick through our Technology Adoption Program. Sign up today.

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