What’s the latest in herbicide resistance issues around the globe?

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What’s the latest in herbicide resistance issues around the globe?

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Last March, the 2016 Herbicide Resistance Summit was held in Saskatoon, SK. With a full house of farmers and scientists, the summit aimed to provide attendees with a better understanding of herbicide resistance issues around the globe. Industry leaders presented on an array of topics from the state of weed resistance in Western Canada, to the distribution and control of glyphosate-resistant weeds in Ontario, to implementing harvest weed seed control methods in Canada.

Agricultural journalist Bruce Barker was on hand at the Summit and wrote several articles covering some of the topics discussed including:
Take that extra step in managing herbicide resistance


You may already be rotating your crops and herbicides, but research has shown that using a multi-mode of action product is more effective in delaying herbicide resistance than herbicide rotation alone. A well planned herbicide program including using multi-mode of action products like Rexade™, Paradigm™ for pre-seed and tank-mixes like Simplicity™ GoDRI™ + Paradigm, Pixxaro™ or Cirpreme™ will maximize your weed control but also help ensure the weed control tools we have today remain effective for as long as possible in the future.
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