Let snowmobilers know where you have unharvested crops

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Let snowmobilers know where you have unharvested crops

Keep Off Sign

After such a difficult harvest, we still have a significant number of fields that remain unharvested across Western Canada. Winter is snowmobiling season on the prairies and riding across snow covered fields with unharvested crops beneath could be detrimental to the condition of the crop as well as a safety issue for the rider. At Dow AgroSciences – we thought we could help create awareness by providing a sign that you can post to notify snowmobilers.

If you still have crop in the field, click below to request a sign asking snowmobilers to stay off your unharvested crops.
Looking for superior wild oat control in 2017?

Truck in Field

Try Simplicity™ – the number one wild oat herbicide in Western Canada. Simplicity provides elite wild oat control, including Group 1 resistant wild oats, plus bonus broadleaf weed control. Its resistance management, wide window of application and tank-mix flexibility make it the best choice for wild oat control in 2017. Book by March 15, 2017 and save up to $5.15 per acre with Diamond Rewards™.
Maximize your wheat’s yield potential with nitrogen stabilizers

Nitrogen Stabilizers

This year, help your wheat crop perform to its highest potential. Protect your nitrogen with N-Serve™ or eNtrench™ nitrogen stabilizers and keep up to 21% more nitrogen available in the root zone. That results in wheat yields 5.8% higher on average.

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