10 ways to increase efficiency this spring

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10 ways to increase efficiency this spring


2016 brought a difficult harvest for many, which amounts to a longer to-do list for spring work on the farm. You may have remaining crop to harvest, burn off or work into the soil, or you just didn’t get a chance to complete fall tasks like applying nitrogen or pre-seed herbicide. We’ve created this checklist to hopefully help you get a handle on your busy spring schedule.
Try GoDRI for added convenience this spray season

Simplicity Video

To help increase productivity this year, try using a Dow AgroSciences GoDRI™ product. GoDRI Rapid Dispersion Technology (RDT) is a highly concentrated, high performing, low-dose formulation. Quick dispersion, easy mixing and handling, and small packaging adds up to extra convenience for you. Watch our short animated video to see just how much convenience GoDRI could add to your spray season.
Same performance, increased convenience with Simplicity GoDRI


Just like the liquid formulation, Simplicity™ GoDRI delivers better value with its Wild Oat Rate. Expect excellent, economical control of wild oats and Japanese brome, a wide window of application, resistance management, tank-mix flexibility and complete rotational freedom – all with the convenience of GoDRI. Simplicity GoDRI requires the addition of Agral® 90 or any other Dow AgroSciences approved non-ionic surfactant at 0.25% v/v.
Come visit us at Ag Expo!

Ag Expo

We’ll be at Ag Expo in Lethbridge from March 1-3 to meet with growers and discuss the 2017 growing season. Stop by to discuss new innovations with us like Simplicity GoDRI, Korrex™ II’s new convenient pack size, and Nexera™ canola contracting opportunities. We’ll also be giving away a bottle of heart-healthy Omega-9 canola oil to all who stop by.

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