Celebrate Canada's Ag Day with us!

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Celebrate Canada’s Ag Day with us!

Canada's Ag Day

This week, we’re celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day in honour of Canada’s hardworking farmers, ranchers and ag industry professionals. It’s also Canada’s 150th Anniversary this year, so we have a lot to reflect on and celebrate. We created this video to serve as a quick look at how diverse and robust agriculture is in our great country. Watch, share with friends, and use it to start conversations about ag! Here’s to the next 150 years of agriculture in Canada.
OcTTain XL – isn’t it time you upgraded?

OcTTain XL

If you haven’t upgraded to OcTTain™ XL, why not? OcTTain XL is Western Canada’s No. 1 broadleaf weed herbicide. As the standard for kochia and wild buckwheat control, OcTTain XL’s pre-formulation is easy to use and comes in 40-acre cases, 240-acre drums and 1,280-acre totes. Not only that, it offers excellent crop safety and is tank-mixable with your choice of Dow AgroSciences grass herbicides. With one out of three fields in the brown soil zone being treated with OcTTain XL, isn’t it time you upgraded?
Best ways to upgrade your OcTTain XL

OcTTain XL

Upgrade your OcTTain XL this spring with a Dow AgroSciences pre-seed and in-crop grass herbicide – for the cleanest cereals and increased savings with Diamond Rewards™.

Get your cereals off to the cleanest start by using PrePass™ XC, PrePass FLEX or Korrex™ II. If you’re growing wheat, tank mix with Simplicity™ GoDRI™ for excellent, economical control of wild oats including Group 1 resistant wild oats. (Always use Agral® 90 or any other Dow AgroSciences approved non-ionic surfactant at v/v 0.25%.) In barley, tank mix OcTTain XL with Liquid Achieve™ for tough control of grassy weeds.

Plus when you early book by March 15, you can save up to $5.15 per acre with Diamond Rewards!

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