Choose Pixxaro and take control of whatever this year brings

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Choose Pixxaro and take control of whatever this year brings

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Your herbicide should do more than just control weeds. Pixxaro™ provides exceptional control of your toughest broadleaf weeds while also providing tank-mix freedom and Arylex™ Active GO benefits so you can spray on big or small weeds, in early or mature crops, and in a variety of weather conditions. Book your Pixxaro now and have confidence that whatever spring brings, you have a product that will deliver and won’t slow you down when the time to spray comes.
Let nothing slow you down


During a busy spring, the last thing you want is spraying to be delayed by weather, weed stage or crop stage. Growers who have used Pixxaro will tell you it has allowed them more spray days, less stress, and the ability to get the job done earlier. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

"Easy to use. Works good on small and big weeds. Don't have to wait for a perfect day to spray. Pixxaro is one of the best products I have used to date and will continue to use Pixxaro in the future." – Barry P. | Russell, MB

"Pixarro is easy to use and the wide application window on some of the harder to kill weeds, ie. hemp-nettle and cleavers, was excellent. The ability to spray on a less-than-ideal day, which is far more common than the perfect day, is an added bonus." – Gordon C. | Birch Hills, SK

"Every year can pose different problems. Pixxaro covers a lot of different situations and gets the job done. The most important thing is that it works." – Jay S. | Blackie, AB

Get to know a bit more about how Pixxaro works in this informative video.
Celebrate Canada’s Ag Day with us!

Canada's Ag Day

This week, we’re celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day in honour of Canada’s hardworking farmers, ranchers and ag industry professionals. It’s also Canada’s 150th Anniversary this year, so we have a lot to reflect on and celebrate. We created this video to serve as a quick look at how diverse and robust agriculture is in our great country. Watch, share with friends, and use it to start conversations about ag! Here’s to the next 150 years of agriculture in Canada.

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