How many of these weeds can you identify?

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How many of these weeds can you identify?

Weed ID Video

There is a seemingly endless list of grass and broadleaf weeds that, if not controlled, can threaten the yields and quality of your crops. By knowing exactly which weeds you’re up against, you can determine the best management practices for eliminating those weeds, from early control to choosing a multi-mode of action product. We’ve created this fun weed identification quiz for you to test and sharpen your weed knowledge.
Early season control. Stellar performance.

Stellar XL

Worried about annual broadleaf weeds such as kochia and cleavers? Top-performing, early season weed control is more convenient than ever. Stellar™ XL provides you with superior broadleaf weed control and resistance management with the convenience of an all-in-one formulation. Early book your Stellar XL by March 15, 2017 and save up to $5.15 per acre with Diamond Rewards.
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