Pony Oats - a behing-the-scenes look at thoroughbred racing

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Pony Oats – a behind-the-scenes look at thoroughbred racing

Pony Oats

You know what happens to oats when they come off the field, but do you know where they go? Join Dow AgroSciences for a behind-the-scenes tour of Northland’s racetrack to learn about the thoroughbred racing industry and how oats help to power some of the top horses in the world.
From field to market – a look into pony oats processing


From quality standards to foreign competition – the pony oats market has its own unique processes and touchstones that a crop must meet before it reaches the end user. This presentation provided by the Prairie Oat Growers Association explores the pony oats market in depth, offering an interesting perspective into the grading, packaging and pricing of pony oats.
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There are a number of ways that you can maximize your oat yields. By using a pre-seed herbicide such as PrePass™ XC or PrePass FLEX, growers can maximize their yield potential by ensuring that they are seeding into clean, weed-free fields. To help control your troublesome broadleaf weeds in crop, trust Stellar™ XL. Stellar XL offers exceptional broadleaf control with built in resistance management. And for proven control of perennial weeds such as Canada thistle use Prestige™ XL. Now in a convenient, all-in-one formulation, Prestige XL is the one cereal growers choose for the cleanest crops year after year.

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