Calculate your return on investment

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Calculate your return on investment

Protect Your Nitrogen

By using N-Serve™ and eNtrench™ nitrogen stabilizers, you can minimize your nitrogen loss while maximizing your yield potential. But is the additional investment in a nitrogen stabilizer worth it to your bottom line? We created an ROI calculator to help you determine just how much more profit you could be making when you add N-Serve or eNtrench to your nitrogen management strategy.
Still have questions about nitrogen stabilizers?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do N-Serve and eNtrench work to keep nitrogen in the root zone? Why should I use a nitrogen stabilizer instead of just adding more nitrogen? We compiled answers to these questions and more in our handy FAQ sheet to help you navigate the questions you may still have about these products.
Become a nitrogen stabilization expert


If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of nitrogen stabilization even further, check out our online training course. You can build your expertise in nitrogen loss and management while earning CCA credits.

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